Trend Alert | Decorative Eyewear Makes a Return

April 27, 2023

EyeStylist | April 27, 2023

EYESTYLIST EXCLUSIVE TRENDS – Frames with a jewellery finish and a more decorative ‘maximalist’ style are making a return…we found four that shine with elegance and glamour – an elevation for personal style

In a period of eclectic style, where minimalism and maximalism exist side by side, an opulent jewellery trend has caught our eye, with floral embellishments or pearls, Swarovski crystals and stones such as lapis enriching sunglasses and eyewear with individuality and style. Some brands have long been experts in these treatments, with a history of decoration and ornamentation within their lines, drawing on artisan expertise and the possibilities of limited editions and decorative effects achieved exclusively by hand.

Galilea c.627

Galilea by Sospiri® – a frame that celebrates a jewellery finish with minute Swarovski inlays

Among other collections we have noticed in the new sunglass model Galilea from Sospiri® by Ottica Veneta, a design with intricate details inspired by the luxury of Venice. The model comes in a spectrum of nine different shades, each frame exhibiting a harmonious blend of vivid new colours from lapis to opal. Over 150 striking Swarovski crystals adorn the frame from its front to its temples, creating a shimmer effect from every angle. Sospiri frames are produced by Ottica Veneta® | Eyewear from the Mountains of Italy, a small and wholly independent US company offering a limited edition production, 100% handmade in Italy.