Sospiri | What’s Brand New – Alisea

March 1, 2023

20/20 Magazine | March 2023

Ottica Veneta | Eyewear from the Mountains of Italy introduces Sospiri’s sunwear style Alisea, the perfect blend of glamour and elegance. The Sospiri frame comes in a spectrum of seven unique shades, all boasting hundreds of complementary Swarovski crystals. While some crystal shades may speak to an individual more than others, the one thing that remains a constant is the high quality Italian craftsmanship that Sospiri is known for as well as eye-catching designs and daring shapes. More than just a dazzling accessory, Sospiri has proven to be a functional piece of art worn by women with an affinity for luxury style.

Alisea c.627

Produced by Ottica Veneta | Eyewear from the Mountains of Italy, a small and wholly independent U.S. company, the story behind the creation of each frame and inspiration from Venice remains alluring to many. In a world of mass production, Sospiri stands out as a true limited edition production. Not only are the frames solely available through its authorized retailers and 100 percent handmade in Italy, but also each crystal that adorns every Sospiri frame is inserted by hand. The immaculate detail that the Sospiri collection showcases represents Italian values, from perfect attention to detail to the preservation of quality.

Alisea c. 627