Born Out of Passion for Innovation and Design

Our journey started with a vision to revolutionize the eyewear industry and celebrate true Italian artistry. As a fully independent eyewear company, we firmly believe that the best eyewear is crafted in small batches using time-honored techniques. We pay meticulous attention to detail and have an unwavering vision of preserving quality. Our portfolio of distinct brands is a testament of our loyalty to excellence.

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Founding Ottica Veneta

In 2002, Riccardo Lamon formed a small consortium of artisan families in the Veneto region and Ottica Veneta was born to restore and spread the renown of true Italian craftsmanship. Lamon wanted his brand to reflect the essence of his region and showcase the level of skill in all things handcrafted that these artisans possessed. Considering this, he set out to create eyewear with a clearly Italian aesthetic, featuring innovative colors and elements with a sophisticated, timeless approach. 

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Sospiri: Embracing Potential and Going Beyond

Developing Sospiri

Inspired by the luxury of Veneto’s capital city of Venice, Sospiri was developed in 2004, to pay tribute to the glory of La Serenissima by pairing true artistry with the skill of the finest craftsmen in the industry. Named after the Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), the brand’s name captures its literal translation; breathtaking. The Sospiri collection utilizes the largest variety of sizes, shapes and colors of Austrian crystals, woven throughout intricate patterns of laserwork. From classic to futuristic, each model aims to capture the breathtaking nature of Venice through the most spectacular of details, going beyond traditional eyewear.

Going International

While Sospiri’s success grew in the United States, the brand also debuted in the international arena through participation in global exhibitions in Milan, Paris, London and Tokyo to name a few, bringing the beauty of Italy to the world.

Going International
Celebrity Surprises

Celebrity Surprises

While Ottica Veneta focused on perfecting its product, Sospiri enjoyed a few surprises along the way. The brand has been spotted as a favorite among a few recognizable faces. These celebrities proved that eyewear can be a defining fashion accessory, not just a pair of glasses. To check out a few of these fun moments click here.

Joining Forces with Lamarca

In 2019, Ottica Veneta partnered with Lamarca Eyewear, a brand founded by Tris Ottica, to bring this independent Italian collection to the US market, introducing the eccentric frames, which show off a variety of finishing techniques, to a brand-new audience. 

Joining Forces with Lamarca
Back to Our Roots with DL

Back to Our Roots with De Lotto

In 2021, Ottica Veneta introduced the De Lotto brand, produced by the second oldest eyewear factory in Italy, to the rest of the world. This historic company is rooted in tradition and technical skills passed down throughout generations. This partnership even inspired the revival of an iconic fashion symbol in American history: an authentic Jacqueline Kennedy sunglass produced by De Lotto in 1966.

Expanding Horizons with Dandy’s

Our newest partnership with Fao Flex S.r.l. celebrates a mutual love for modern Italian design using centuries-old techniques. This relationship reinforces Ottica Veneta’s commitment to the Veneto region through the US distribution of Dandy's. Dandy’s introduces rugged and bold styles with an urban appeal. 

Expanding Horizons with Dandy's
Celebrating Our Relationships 2

Celebrating Our Relationships

We recognize the importance of the many relationships which have helped pave the path to where we are today. Through a mutual commitment to deliver unparalleled customer service alongside superior, independent products, we are proud to stand with some of the finest retailers in the optical industry, many of whom have been with us since the very beginning. They, in turn, have cultivated an exceptional clientele of eyewear and fashion enthusiasts. 

Framing the Future

Ottica Veneta will never stop evolving, and more importantly, will never stray from its commitment to prioritize unrivaled quality and attention to detail in every frame we create.  Remaining on the cutting edge of the industry in a way that speaks to our rich background and upholds our standards is our top priority.