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June 10, 2024

Luxury Eyewear Forum | 06/04/2024

Dandy’s Eyewear, a timeless brand with a unique, rugged look, has announced an impactful development in its United States distribution operations. Ottica Veneta is now partnering with Fao Flex S.r.l. to distribute Dandy’s Eyewear in the United States.

Celebrating a mutual love for Italian craftsmanship and deep roots in the Veneto region, Dandy’s and Ottica Veneta make an impressive pair. Ottica Veneta’s expertise in producing and distributing independent Italian eyewear will usher in new opportunities for Dandy’s and advance the brand’s presence in the United States. This partnership represents a collaboration of Italian heritage and craftsmanship as Dandy’s paves its way in the American market through collaboration with Ottica Veneta.

Known for its advanced finishing techniques on the highest quality of cellulose acetate, Dandy’s creates an urban, classic appeal with bold shapes, vibrant colors and limited edition frames. Dandy’s was born from the passion and artisanal experience acquired in over 50 years of work by one of the Veneto region’s finest producers of eyewear.

Ottica Veneta’s owner expressed pride in bringing Dandy’s into their family of brands, “I’m from the Veneto region, and welcoming in a brand that aligns with our vision of quality and style so clearly has been natural,” said founder Riccardo Lamon. “This match makes sense, it feels like Dandy’s is coming home, and we can’t wait to share these frames with our American optical family.”

Dandy’s models are divided between their collections Core Classic and Minimalist along with the crown jewel of Dandy’s, the Rough collection. Named for the literal effect that makes the frames unique, the Rough collection is produced from sheets of cellulose acetate that have been left unrefined, just as they came from the supplier. The acetate is then hand-refined with milling and scraping techniques that highlight the quality of the material, as well as the design of the frame. This gives the wearer a unique, distinguished look.

Dandy’s is the newest partner of Ottica Veneta, producer of Sospiri® luxury eyewear and US distributor of Lamarca and De Lotto eyewear. Ottica Veneta encourages opticians and retailers to visit the Dandy’s website to learn more about their collection:

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