September 10, 2023

Sospiri: A Synonym for Glamour

Dripping in Opulence and recognized for striking crystal designs, Sospiri illuminates the luxury eyeware sphere. More than just a shimmering adornment, Sospiri is a functional masterpiece, embodying historic Italian beauty.

Sospiri is set to dazzle with one of its most audacious sunwear designs: GAIA. This new model weaves an oversized glamour with a pulse-quickening elegance. The edgy silhouette flaunts Pantone’s color of the year, magenta, and bursts in a spectrum of eight diverse colors. From sophisticated to daring, Gaia’s thick acetate and angled corners harmonize with vibrant glimmers of Swarovski crystals.

Gaia c.NRP

Sospiri may never do “basic” but they masterfully craft the classic. The Gaia, in its graceful versatility, offers colors like pure white crystals on black acetate – a timeless duet that accentuates any classic pair of sunglasses. Each crystal, a symbol of Italian values, is hand-inserted, representing a flawless attention to detail and the preservation of immaculate quality.

Gaia c.NR

Dive into additional color options such as deep red with siam, tortoise with gold, blue with tanzanite and sapphire, translucent platinum with crystal, and the limited edition black with multi-color crystals. Every shade may resonate differently but the unwavering constant is the ultra-feminine, unapologetic panache that a Sospiri frame delivers.

Sospiri’s roots extend to Ottica Veneta, a tale of creativity and sophisticated creations that continue to bewitch and delight. From the sparkling details to the bold shades. Gaia is a statement piece that transcends mere eyewear. It’s a celebration of artistry, craftsmanship and the unending romance of Italian design. A true testament to the spirit of Sospiri.