Independent. Handmade. 

Independent. Handmade. 

Born Out of Passion for Innovation and Design

Ottica Veneta | Eyewear from the Mountains of Italy epitomizes the essence of Italian luxury, and is characterized by a rare blend of old world craftsmanship with the latest in Italian fashion.

From its inception in 2002, founder Riccardo Lamon, a native of Northern Italy, established a small consortium of families located in the Veneto region who were committed to maintaining the high standards that have made Italian eyewear synonymous with quality. By guaranteeing that 100% of the production stay in Italy, Lamon began a new brand called Ottica Veneta | Eyewear from the Mountains of Italy.

Since then, Ottica Veneta has carved its own place in the optical market as an independent, sole proprietorship wholly dedicated to maintaining the same standards of quality to which artisans of centuries past were committed.

Logistic and headquarter operations are located in Dallas, TX USA.


Our core brand is meticulously crafted using the finest materials and assembled with painstaking attention to detail. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, producing every element by hand in Italy through a rigorous design, development, and production process.


In 2004, Ottica Veneta launched its signature luxury brand, Sospiri® Eyewear. This limited edition collection captures the elegance and opulence unique to Italy’s crown jewel city of Venice. The intricacies of Venice’s architecture, textiles, Murano glass, Burano lace and infamous masquerades are captured within the rich patterns of laserwork intertwined with Swarovski crystals.

Sospiri is sold worldwide to a select number of fine boutiques, opticians and luxury department stores.

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The latest collaboration of Ottica Veneta and LaMarca eyewear offers clients a unique collection of contemporary eyewear yet still embodies the timeless, Italian craftsmanship synonymous with quality.


Founded in 1938 by the De Lotto brothers, this historic company today represents Italy’s second longest running factory. The pearl of the Cadore region, De Lotto has earned its place in the eyewear industry as one of the most respected symbols of Italianquality craftsmanship.


Dandy’s was born from the passion and artisanal experience acquired in over 50 years of work by one of the Veneto region’s finest producers of eyewear. Known for its advanced finishing techniques on the highest quality of cellulose acetate, Dandy’s offers urbanite appeal with its bold shapes, vibrant colors and limited edition approach.


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